Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | volunteer overview
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volunteer overview

Goals of Volunteer Program

The goals of our volunteer program are three-fold:

  1. To enhance the experience of moviegoing at a/perture
  2. To interest more people in films and what goes on behind the scenes of a nonprofit art house cinema
  3. To increase a sense of community and accessibility in and about a/perture

You do not need any experience volunteering or working to help us achieve these goals. We value your experience as a member of the community and look forward to working with you.

Monthly Volunteer Orientation

We typically offer 1 or 2 orientations each month for new volunteers. These sessions typically only last an hour and include a behind-the-scenes tour of the theater. While orientation is not required to start volunteering, it allows us to meet each other, discuss the goals of our program, learn about all the opportunities, and answer questions together! Please email alex@aperturecinema.com for more information on the next orientation.


Volunteering Opportunities

As a nonprofit organization with a small staff, we rely on the support of volunteers to welcome and familiarize customers with the theater, our mission, and our programming. We have three distinct opportunities highlighted below.


a/ttendant program:

to sign up for the attendant program: click here

  • Welcoming guests to the theater and indicating the concession line or the appropriate theater
  • Indicating bathrooms and other important locations to guests
  • Answering questions from guests about upcoming events and films (staff will help you get familiar with how to answer these questions)
  • Helping to keep the lobby and a/trium space clean

See more about this program on the “a/ttendant” page.


Special Events:

For our offsite events or when we set up to distribute material at public events

  • Set up and break down material needed
  • Greet and engage participants
  • Provide information related to a/perture


Poster Distribution:

Assist in posting flyers at approved locations throughout the County

  • Printing yourself (we will send you the flyer electronically) or picking up flyers from a/perture (or designated printing company)
  • Introducing yourself to location upon arrival to post flyer (here’s a list of places we tend to post flyers)
  • Record where you left flyers
  • Remove flyers after event date if they are still up


Office Assistance:

We could always use extra hands in the office (preferably during traditional office hours) to assist with:

  • Mailings
  • Data entry
  • Making phone calls
  • Research
  • Social media


Volunteer Benefits

    • Complimentary movie tickets (one ticket voucher per completed 2.5 hour shift) and/or a/perture merchandise
    • Hours earned for service projects
    • Valuable experience


  • Ongoing appreciation efforts



Signing Up

Click here to sign up  as a volunteer. For questions, or to sign up for poster distribution or to help in the office, contact alex@aperturecinema.com.

We also accept interns throughout the year. If you’re interested in an unpaid internship that will provide valuable work experience, please contact alex@aperturecinema.com