Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | volunteer code of conduct
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volunteer code of conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct

On or prior to your first day as a volunteer, we will ask you to sign the Code of Conduct. Please review before you arrive.

  1. I will seek to abide faithfully by a/perture policies.
  2. I will represent and seek to serve the best interests of the a/perture organization.
  3. While representing a/perture at all a/perture and a/perture-related functions, whether internally or externally, I will not use offensive language or engage in harassment. If I become aware of harassment, I will report it to a/perture staff.
  4. I will be respectful of other individuals within a/perture, including volunteers, employees, members and customers. That said, a/perture does not tolerate any form of intimidation or harassment, and neither should volunteers, employees, members or customers who witness actions and words which fall under those categories. a/perture reserves the right to dismiss any individual engaging in intimidation or harassment.
  5. I will give a 24-hour notice for all shift cancellations.
  6. I will work the entirety of my shift, unless an emergency comes up requiring me to leave.
  7. I will use positive language about a/perture when recruiting members or volunteers.
  8. I will strive to avoid, either by action or by communication anything, that will tend to embarrass or disparage a/perture.
  9. I will respect the confidentiality of all personal information I come across.
  10. I will be respectful of issues within a/perture that are confidential. I will not release information to the media or other persons.