Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | summer camp
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summer camp




a/perture cinema is committed to inspiring the next generation of visual storytellers. Understanding how images, sounds, and narrative work together is crucial to understanding the visually-focused media landscape of today. With our week-long Lightboxers camp, high school students are challenged to think about movies beyond their value as entertainment and to think creatively themselves in order to understand the creations of others. Students will learn from specially curated short films and clips that illustrate concepts and film vocabulary for the class accompanied by group discussions and creative exercises. Media literacy through film screening, discussion, and analysis can not only help students more complexly appreciate cinema, but equip them to navigate the visual media landscape they are constantly engaging with.




The camp is open to anyone enrolled in a local or surrounding-county school aged 11 to 18 with two different sessions for middle and high school students. We aim to have a variety of students with different backgrounds and from different parts of the community. Students will learn from each other as much as they will the instructors, so it’s important to account for the possibility to teach a socially homogenous group. They’ll, in turn, be exposed to cinema from around the world made by all different kinds of people from different cultures and places—so an accepting and enthusiastic space is important in cultivating a love for movies.


View. Do. Review. Lightboxers contains five days of project-based learning where students are challenged through interactive presentations and encouraged to analyze and discuss different elements of filmmaking and visual storytelling. Campers will engage in individual and group-based activities related to the material for themselves. Each day campers will be learning a cinematic technique, creating something that utilizes this technique, and then understanding through analysis and discussion what the technique accomplishes.


We’ll be learning from films made all around the world like The Red Balloon (1956), Ida (2014), The Tree of Life (2011), and many more!

Last year's Lightboxers.

Last year's Lightboxers.

The Details.


session 1 [middle school] ••• June 22-26 / 9 am – 12 pm


session 2 [high school] ••• June 29 – July 3 / 9 am – 12 pm


All five days of camp are $200.

If you sign up before May 15, it’s $175!

a/perture members receive a $25 discount on any registration.

What ages?

Middle school student and rising high school freshman through rising high school seniors.


a/perture cinema on 311 W. 4th St. We’ll be using our petit a/ cinema for clips and film viewing, our classroom space, as well as other parts of our space for activities.

Who’s teaching?

Lightboxers will be working with who organized the course, a/perture’s education coordinator, Gray Gordon, alongside two college-aged day-counselors who have experience in film studies or filmmaking.

Why Lightboxers?

We believe in the current media landscape, it’s as important as ever that middle and high schoolers understand how to analyze visual content—and there’s no better form through which to do that than film. Too many teenagers don’t start to understand this until they reach college—but with Lightboxers, we’re catching them early by giving them college-level critical thinking challenges that change the way they experience and engage with film and other forms of visual media; be it television, social media, YouTube, advertising, and more.