Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972) – Jan 19
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The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972) – Jan 19

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About This Project

a/perture cinema’s winter 2019 Looking @ Art Cinema series will explore The French Comedy through three different cinematic ages and contexts starting with Le Grand Blond Avec Un Chaussure Noire (1972) and enters the twentieth century with two modern French comedies. Each film explores French mores and how comedy works around and within codes of social life in France. Racial and class identity are depicted in unique ways in these films and explore France’s idiosyncratic culture. Screenings will be hosted by Fernando Pardo, affiliated instructor of French at Salem College.


Fernando Pardo was an undergraduate at Wake Forest University and pursued his master’s degree in French Studies at Middlebury College (Vermont) and the Sorbonne in Paris. His field of specialization during his studies at the Sorbonne was Albert Camus, and French Cinema. After a long career in marketing in Paris he has returned to Winston-Salem where he hopes to convey the love of languages and cinema to his students. He has started a French conversation group that includes students from Salem College, U.N.C.S.A., Wake Forest University, and members of the community.

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972)

Jan 19 @ 9:30 am

Desperate to protect his job from a bureaucratic rival, the head of the French secret service (Jean Rochefort) picks outs a stranger, François Perrin (Pierre Richard), from a Paris crowd and singles him out as a master spy who should be tracked very closely. In reality, François is an amiable, if clumsy, classical violinist whose complete obliviousness to the agents watching him only further convinces them that they have a major undercover operative in their sights.

Rated PG, 90 minutes

Amelie (2001)

Feb 2nd @ 9:30 am
“Amélie” is a fanciful comedy about a young woman who discretely orchestrates the lives of the people around her, creating a world exclusively of her own making. Shot in over 80 Parisian locations, acclaimed director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (“Delicatessen”; “The City of Lost Children”) invokes his incomparable visionary style to capture the exquisite charm and mystery of modern-day Paris through the eyes of a beautiful ingenue.

The Valet (2006)

Feb 16 @ 9:30 am
Pierre Lavasseur (Daniel Auteuil), a wealthy tycoon, faces disaster when a paparazzo snaps a picture of him with his longtime mistress (Alice Taglioni). Since Pierre’s wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) owns a majority share of their corporation, Pierre must avoid a divorce at all costs. At his lawyer’s suggestion, Pierre hires Francois Pignon (Gad Elmaleh), a parking attendant who is also in the photograph, to pose as his lover’s “real” boyfriend and thus hide the affair from his wife.