Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Street Side Cinema: Season Two
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Street Side Cinema: Season Two

street side cinema
About This Project

Street Side Cinema 2020

February 14 – February 27



Each street side program will play on the screen just outside our front door on a loop during our regular business hours for approximately two weeks. Come by, hang out, and enjoy our free micro theater!

Learn more about the short films in this program:


United States, 00:49
Meet sMyles Creative’s debut star, Ping-Pong! Keep an eye out for the fun to come as more magic makes its way to you all.


Canada, 00:50
A baby is doing parkour to have his pacifier.


The Netherlands, 00:54
A forest, a bicycle, a man. Where did they come from? Where do they go? And in what order? A film in the true surrealist tradition, in the sense that only ‘found’ elements were used, and that it defies interpretation based on ordinary cause-and-effect time sequence.


United States, 00:56
A mischievous little girl gets caught in the act while playing with her mom’s makeup


Pumpkin Cat
Belgium, 1:00
A short film about a cat and a pumpkin.


Old Habits Are Hard to Break!
France, 1:00
Laurine is determined to break-up with him. But it is not the first time, she has announced her decision to her friend before changing her mind. Old habits are hard to break so tonight Laurine muster the courage to do it…


Sage’s Miracle
Sweden, 1:00
A lonely girl, Saga, is drawing in the school cafeteria and suddenly gets struck by a miracle. Amazed she realises that anything she draws will appear/ come true and she’s longing for warmth and love.


United States, 1:11
In a time when originality often feels in short supply, creating something you can call your own can be difficult. The intent of this work is to combine two things that have remained important my entire life: visual art and dance. “Flow” was completed through the process of choreographing a dance, shooting and editing video, rotoscoping, digital painting, and the creation of audio.


France, 1:16
A little girl is thinking to her dad.


United States, 1:22
Sunshine is a film I created about childhood, and mine in particular. Growing up can be confusing and beautiful all at once, and this film is an abstract take, told through poetry, on the ups and downs of being young.


VAF 2018
Denmark, 1:24
Two girls in two countries are not as different as they seem to be. Can the VAF green dog help them to realize that? VAF aka “Viborg Animation Festival” is the biggest animation festival in Denmark. It took place in Viborg from the 24 to 30 of September 2018 and its mascot is the VAF green dog.


Beginners Doing Sports
Hungary, 1:30
Three short animations that focus on beginner athletes. The location is the Gellert Bath, Gellert Hill, and the park next to Margaret Island in Budapest.


United States, 1:32
Ever made a mistake? Undo, the app that makes it all disappear!


Diabolical Migraine
Belgium, 1:41
Digressions on a migraine. Adapted from a poem by Raymond Devos.


Capture the North
Denmark, 1:43
From the small lonely islands of Lofoten to the dancing northern lights in Senja, David Jervidal travelled with his father Tommy Jervidal for 10 days in the northern part of Norway – with the aim to capture just a fraction of the untamed wilderness.


Thoughts of A Blind Man
Colombia, 1:50
I always dreamed of traveling and knowing many cultures (just beginning). and on this particular trip I could perceive and understand many things that I failed to do in more than 5 years. Without a doubt, I opened my head and eyes in a beautiful way to continue persisting for the beautiful things of life and travel, for this reason I worked hard on this piece to leave a nice present to those people who maybe we get entangled in things and problems that are nothing serious or over time have no importance if in a balance we accommodate situations, just opening your eyes represents too much if not one of the greatest virtues.


View the full list of upcoming short films:



The mission of street side cinema is to further engage and entertain the community in the magic of cinema through our free outdoor micro-cinema featuring a curated festival of short films from across the state, over the country, and around the world