Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | street side cinema: Creative Kinetic – August 8 – August 22
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street side cinema: Creative Kinetic – August 8 – August 22

street side cinema
About This Project





Each street side program will play on the screen just outside our front door on a loop during our regular business hours for approximately two weeks. Come by, hang out, and enjoy our free micro theater!

Learn more about the short films in this program:


Fruit Punch

United States, 1:42
A surrealist musically driven film on the process of creation.


The Simple Carnival – Go Away I Like You Too Much

United States, 2:38
“The Simple Carnival-Go Away I Like You Too Much” is an animated music video about a boy who has a crush on a girl and subsequently wants to avoid her. This CG film was created by one person over the course of a year and a half.


Spruce Woods

Canada, 4:16
A summer of snow and ice.


Castellers de Vilafranca
Spain, 4:45
Courage, bravery, hard work. The Castells are human towers, a very representative feature of the catalan folklore. In this video we appreciate the process by the hand of Castellers de Vilafranca.


Living in the Story – Short Version

United States, 15:00
Living in the Story documents thirty-five years of art making by the distinguished photographic artist Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani, one of the most brilliant photographic artists of our era.  The film portrays an artist deeply concerned and well informed about world events who uses imagery, storytelling and narrative fiction to raise awareness about modern anxieties, with an emphasis on the threat of nuclear weapons technology. The short, 15 minute version explores three photographic series dealing with immigration/internment and nuclear issues. These issues are particularly relevant today, in light of escalating threats of war, toxic pollution and a growing refugee populations worldwide.


Vacationer – “Magnetism”

Germany, 3:42
The music video for the song “Magnetism” by the psychedelic pop band Vacationer shows a collection of short, visually intertwined narratives, observationally following a diverse range of characters and their stories. These tales explore the sweet sensation of falling in love and the surreal magical feelings that come with it. The viewer can watch both cautious and passionate acts of love between different couples and the way they express their mutual adoration.


View the full list of upcoming short films:



The mission of street side cinema is to further engage and entertain the community in the magic of cinema through our free outdoor micro-cinema featuring a curated festival of short films from across the state, over the country, and around the world.