Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Sharecrop & The American South as We Know It – Nov 14
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Sharecrop & The American South as We Know It – Nov 14

Special Events
About This Project

November 14 @ 6pm – joint film screening


Experience stories of cultural strength, historical trauma, institutionalized racism, land/food as a social justice issues, and African American education heritage.


Free, first come, first seated!


Directors will be in attendance for a post-film q&a

SHARECROP showcases the experience of ten individuals who were involved in sharecropping during the segregation era. Featuring rare archival footage and many period images, the film conveys stories from cotton sharecroppers in the Mississippi Delta, tobacco sharecroppers in the Carolinas, and others. SHARECROP explores their lives, the way they worked, and celebrates the resilience of the South’s forgotten farmers. Directed by Claudia Stack.

The American South As We Know It explores the lives and experiences of African-Americans during the Jim Crow era. This film depicts a time when racial tension was at its peak. The educators, historians and brave “everyday” people featured in this documentary, express their vested interest in creating a comprehensive narrative of what life was like for African- Americans in the south. Directed by Frederick Murphy.



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