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movies / beer

About This Project

Hoot’s Satellite

Available for Curbside Pickup


Film: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel

Winston-Salem’s Hoots Beer takes pride in the fact that their beers are brewed with a special blend of love and mystery. What better movie blends the two than David Lynch’s cult classic, Fire Walk With Me? Originally booed out of the Cannes Film Festival, the film continuation of the classic television show is now an essential canon of the Twin Peaks storyline and one of Lynch’s most fascinating films. In this case, the owls are exactly as they seem, and they seem like good beer.


Wise Man Brewery

Available for Delivery


Film: Grizzly Man

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime and Tubi

Werner Herzog’s intimate portrait of the life of Timothy Treadwell, a man whose only driving passion in life was to live among the Grizzly Bears of Alaska, includes some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful photography of the Alaskan Wilderness ever captured in documentary filmmaking, so much so that you’ll want to be there yourself. Pair Grizzly Man with some of Wise Man’s Mountain Calling and you’ll be there in no time.


Radar Brewing Company

Available for Delivery


Film: Little Sister

Where to Stream: Available to rent from Apple and Amazon Video

Shot in Asheville, North Carolina, UNCSA alumni Zach Clark’s Little Sister tells the story of Colleen, a reluctant nun who can no longer run from her past when her brother is released from the hospital after being mortally wounded in Iraq and she begins to rethink the direction her life has taken. Pair a screening of this delightful independent gem with Radar’s New Religion ale and any goth-at-heart in your own life.


Fiddlin’ Fish

Available for To-Go Pickup


Film: The Lighthouse

Where To Stream: Amazon Prime

Hark! Triton, Hark! Neptune shall rise up from the foul foamy sea in anger if ye do not pair a screening of Robert Eggers’ black and white psychological thriller, The Lighthouse with Fiddlin’ Fish’s own Neptune’s Hazy Seas Session New England IPA. One sip will transform ye into the sea, yerself, and reveal the secret in the light, as Neptune decrees it!




Available for To-Go Pick Up


Film: Fantastic Planet

Where To Stream: The Criterion Channel

Joymongers’ delicious Fantastic Foederbier will take your tastebuds on a journey of cosmic proportions with its malty and experimental fruity flavors. If your tastebuds will be leaving this earth, why not let your eyes come along on the trip with the visually inventive and wild French animated sci-fi masterpiece, Fantastic Planet. Its incredible colors and images will pair perfectly with the Foederbier’s flavor.


Foothills Brewing

Available for Takeout


Film: That Thing You Do!

Where to Stream: Cinemax

Foothills Brewery’s Malt Shaker Amber Ale will have toes tapping and hips swinging from the first pour, just like The Wonders’ single “That Thing You Do!” that takes the world by storm in writer/director/star Tom Hanks’ heart-warming and delightful comedy of the same name. Sit down for a screening with a pint of Malt Shaker and you’re on the way to a perfect evening.


Incendiary Brewing

Available for Delivery


Film: Three Days of the Condor

Where To Stream: The Criterion Channel and Amazon Prime

Incendiary’s imperial stout, Shade of Lies, brewed with local coffee from Counter Culture, toasted coconut, and maple, creates a rich, deep, and dark flavor. It’s the perfect beer to sip while wrapping yourself up in the web of conspiracy woven in Sydney Pollack’s classic political thriller following a paranoid CIA researcher portrayed by Robert Redford who no longer knows who he can trust.


Small Batch Brewery

Available for Takeout


Film: Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Where To Stream: IMDBTv

After the success of Gremlins, it would have been easy for Joe Dante and Steven Spielberg to make a cookie-cutter sequel to the dark Christmas Comedy. Instead, they got creative and made a bonkers movie that amped up the insanity to Looney Tune levels of cartoonish mischief. Just like Dante and Spielberg, Small Batch is dedicated to not just making the same beers. Swing by to see what beers they’re brewing along with their delicious food and signature cocktails.