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Kids Recommend!

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About This Project

These films have been hand-picked by local film buffs Avery and Colin. This collection of films all feature characters looking and finding a new kind of family with people that are different from them. One way or another, each of us needs a place we feel like we belong. These films help us understand why empathy and connection are what we all need more than ever in 2020.

Avery’s Picks


A remake of the 1950 film starring Spencer Tracy, Steve Martin’s star was on the rise ever since he left his days on Saturday Night Live in the 70s to star in a number of 80s comedies that would go on to become classics of the era—Three Amigos!, Planes Trains & Automobiles, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. With his All-American Dad persona well-established, this film would cement Steve Martin as a quintessential film-dad. Stream it on DIRECTV.


Directed by indie titan Richard Linklater—Boyhood, Dazed And Confused—with the same easy-breezy viewing experience as his other films and includes a rip-roaring lead performance from Jack Black that arguably made him famous. Joan Cusack is also excellent in this and arguably funnier than Black. Stream it on Showtime through Amazon.


Perhaps one of the greatest American comedies to ever be made, it’s strange, quirky characters and deadpan script make for an unforgettable high school film and classic of the dwindling American comedy landscape of the last two decades. Stream it on STARZ through Amazon.

Colin’s Picks


Featuring local celebrity Burgess Jenkins, Remember The Titans is a beloved classic and a titular lead role for Denzel Washington.Stream it on Disney+.

LILO & STITCH (2002)

Made at a low-point before Disney would more-or-less take over the world, Lilo & Stitch is a highlight of Disney Animation’s post-renaissance films between 1999 and 2010. Set in a beautifully sketched Hawaii, sisterhood, childhood, immigration, and love are all explored with tender heart in what is truly an overlooked work in Disney’s repertoire. Stream it on Disney+.

UP (2009)

Often cited as having the saddest 7 minutes in film history, Up was released at a time where Pixar Animation Studios was churning out some of the moist original and unique films they’d ever make. These days, they’re typically pre-occupied with sequels—though that’s starting to change with films like Soul and Onward being made. Stream it now on Disney+.


Both Avery and Colin agreed that this film needed to be on the list. Right up there with films like The Goonies, The Sandlot features a one-of-a-kind ensemble cast of characters. It’s likely you still may own a copy of this on VHS somewhere in your basement. If not, stream it here on STARZ through Amazon.