Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Elliot Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good
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Elliot Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good

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Elliott Erwitt – Silence Sounds Good

Elliott Erwitt has joked that he’s been around so long, most editors think he’s dead. The 91-year-old Magnum photographer has made iconic images of the Civil Rights movement, the Cuban Revolution, not to mention celebrities (frequently shot Marilyn Monroe), and dogs. SILENCE SOUNDS GOOD finds the laconic visual legend very much alive and snapping as he travels back to Cuba for the first time since his iconic Newsweek photos of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in a funny and humanistic portrait of one of the greatest living photographers. Directed by Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu. Written by Mark Monroe (The Cove; Icarus).


One Thousand Stories: The Making of a Mural (Bonus Short)

ONE THOUSAND STORIES: THE MAKING OF A MURAL follows the artist JR in the creation of his first video mural project. Inspired by Diego Rivera, JR showcases the multitudinous beauty of San Francisco’s residents from all walks of life.


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