Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Dinner / Movie
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Dinner / Movie

About This Project

Dinner/Movie selections are curated by Quentin Norris, a graduate of UNCSA School of Filmmaking. He writes short fiction and essays about movies here.


6th & Vine

Available for Dine-In and Pickup

Film: Night on Earth

Where To Stream: HBOMax

6th & Vine’s eclectic menu has a wide variety of any sort of cuisine you may be in the mood for, from turkey clubs to Korean BBQ meatballs. While chowing down on their globe-spanning morsels, experience Jim Jarmusch’s undersung masterpiece of vignettes around the world, each taking place inside a taxi cab. Night On Earth celebrates differences and is a beautiful portrait of lonely human spirits finding connection in those differences. Not only is it the perfect movie for a 6th & Vine dinner, but it’s also the perfect one for right now.


Finnigan’s Wake

Available for Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Film: The Dead

Where To Stream: Available to rent or buy from Apple or Amazon

Finnigan’s Wake sparks any book lover’s excitement by recalling the title of James Joyce’s classic. While Joyce’s stories are notoriously hard to adapt, John Huston did just that with his final film, The Dead, based on the titular short story included in Dubliners. Tuck into some Shepard’s Pie while watching Angelica Huston’s swooning portrayal of a woman remembering her past lover during an Epiphany Party in 1904.



Available for Curbside Pickup and Delivery

Film: Gamera: The Giant Monster

Where To Stream: Vudu and Rental Services

All hail Gamera, the giant turtle monster! This Japanese monster movie icon started as a ferocious beast, but eventually became known as The Friend Of All Children and the Guardian Of The Universe. The best way to honor such a beautiful creature is by indulging in a delicious Turtle Sundae from Mayberry’s.


Delicious by Shereen

Available for Online Orders and Pickup

Film: Cairo Station

Where To Stream: Fandor

Delicious By Shereen’s mission is to bring the city of Winston-Salem closer together through incredible contemporary and classic Middle Eastern and Egyptian cuisine. Egyptian cinema has a rich and vibrant history and the best place to start is Youssef Chahine’s romantic drama centering on the relationship between a newsstand clerk and a drink vendor in the bustling city of Cairo.



Available for Take-Out and Delivery

Film: Repo Man

Where To Stream: Starz & Rental Services

From the moment you walk into Slappy’s Chicken, one fact becomes undeniably clear: Punk is not dead and it’s alive and well at Slappy’s. If you’re going to eat the most delicious and most punk rock chicken in Winston-Salem, then you’ve also got to watch the most quintessential Punk film ever made: Alex Cox’s gonzo portrait of West Coast punk culture mixed in with a wild sci-fi conspiracy theory and scored to the perfect 80’s punk soundtrack.


West End Coffee

Available for Take-Out

Film: Waitress

Where To Stream: Available to rent or buy from Apple & Amazon

There is an undeniable fact about watching Keri Russell’s incredible performance in Adrienne Shelly’s final film that sparked the hit Broadway Musical. You’re going to want some pie. The best place in Winston-Salem to get those pies is West End Coffee, so make sure to pick up a few before enjoying this heartwarming and emotional romantic comedy.


West End Cafe

Available for Take-Out

Film: West Side Story

Where To Stream: The Criterion Channel

West End Cafe prides itself on a variety of absolutely sumptuous dishes for both lunch and dinner. The best way to enjoy such delicious food is with the quintessential film set in New York’s West End: Robert Wise’s Oscar-winning West Side Story. There’s no better pairing for the incredible choreography and eye-popping cinematography of this definitive movie musical.


Miss Ora’s/Sweet Potatoes

Available for Takeout from Sweet Potatoes Location

Film: Babe

Where To Stream: HBONow

The Miss Ora’s and Sweet Potatoes menu will put you right in the middle of the most delightful farmhouse setting. The comfort food of Miss Ora’s is a warm blanket to snuggle up in, so why not watch the ultimate warm blanket comfort movie, Chris Noonan’s Oscar-nominated family classic, Babe, while tucking into some delicious Sweet Potatoes?


Spruce Street Garden Craft Tavern

Available for Curbside and Takeout

Film: Planet of the Apes

Where to Stream: Available to rent or through Indieflix Streaming

Spruce Street Garden’s famous chicken wings slathered in Chef Chop’s signature Ape Sauce is a wake-up call to your tastebuds, just like the wake-up call that Charlton Heston receives when he realizes just what planet he’s been on the entire time in one of the greatest sci-fi cinematic endings of all time.


The Quiet Pint

Available for Curbside and Takeout

Film: The Quiet Man

Where to Stream: Available to rent or through PlutoTV

While enjoying a bottle of wine and delicious pub-style food from The Quiet Pint, fall under the dizzyingly beautiful spell of John Ford’s undersung romantic melodrama classic, The Quiet Man. With the dazzling cinematography of Winton C. Hoch, and the fantastic lead performances from John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, it’s never been easier to fall in love.


Mizu Japanese Cuisine

Available for Takeout

Film: Drunken Angel

Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel

Mostly known for their Samurai film collaborations like Throne of Blood and Seven Samurai, Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune’s first collaboration is the incredibly emotional film noir, Drunken Angel. The uneasy friendship kindled between an alcoholic doctor and an unpredictable, dangerous smalltime criminal played by Mifune is a classic of international cinema and the perfect film to watch while enjoying Mizu Japanese Cuisine’s authentic and delicious dishes


The Humble Bee Bake Shoppe

Available for Takeout

Film: Stranger Than Fiction

Where to Stream: Available to rent or through Showtime

After a voice in his head that narrates his every move informs Harold Crick that his death is imminent, he tries to live his life to the fullest and in his quest, he crosses paths with the anarchist baker, Ana Pascal. Ana’s sweet treats will ignite your sweet tooth, so it’s best to watch Stranger Than Fiction with some baked goods from The Humble Bee Bake Shoppe.


Yamas Mediterranean Street Food

Available for Curbside and Delivery

Film: Kinetta

Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel

The patron saint of the Greek Weird Wave, Yorgos Lanthimos, is one of the most undeniably strong voices in current arthouse cinema with shocking and strangely human classics like Dogtooth and The Lobster. For the longest time, his debut feature was not available to stream online, but thanks to The Criterion Channel, Lanthimos fans can complete their watchlist with this strange movie about three strangers in a Greek hotel. Make sure to pair this singular screening with the delicious street food of Yamas Mediterranean.


Bobby Boy Bakeshop

Available For Takeout

Film: Paddington 2

Where To Stream: HBONow

Paddington 2 is the ultimate sweet-tooth movie. Candy-colored and as warm and fluffy as fresh-baked bread, Paddington’s infectiously positive outlook will have your heart rise like dough. Watching Paddington and Knuckles McGinty whip up a batch of marmalade sandwiches and other tasty pastries for the inmates of Shepton Mallet Prison will activate your tastebuds and BobbyBoy Bakeshop can help scratch that itch with their daily fresh-baked delicacies.


The Katharine Brasserie

Available for Takeout


Film: Amelie

Where To Stream: CinemaxGo

The Katharine Brasserie takes its name from the matriarch of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and channels her love of bon-vivant French cafes. It’s hard not to fall in love with Parisian cafes when watching Audrey Tatou’s star-making debut, Amelie either. You’ll want some of The Katharine’s delicious cuisine while wrapping yourself up in the adventures of Amelie Poulain.


Di Lisio’s

Available for Curbside Takeout


Film: Journey to Italy

Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel

Who says you have to stay in America while quarantined? Take a picturesque trip to Italy with Ingrid Bergman and George Saunders while enjoying Di Lisio’s authentic Italian food from their curbside pickup service. While Journey To Italy didn’t make much of an impression when it first debuted, it went on to influence countless filmmakers including the master himself, Martin Scorsese.


Young Cardinal

Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: The Favourite

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime

You’d never think that Yorgos Lanthimos’ dry, singular style would work for a period piece chamber-drama, but Lanthimos proved expectations wrong with his acerbic and sharp-witted The Favourite. While watching Olivia Colman’s incredible Oscar-winning performance, it’s easy to feel like Royalty. Complete the experience with English cucumbers or roasted potatoes from Young Cardinal’s list of delicacies.



Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: The Caddy

Where to Stream: Tubi

The golf greens may be closed, but Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are here to rescue us from boredom with a classic side-splitting comedy about talented golfer too shy to play in tournaments who reluctantly agrees to coach and caddy his good friend. Putters’ delicious burgers and subs pair the best with the belly laughs provided by Martin and Lewis.



Que Viva! Latin Street Grill

Available for Takeout and Curbside


Film: Roma

Where to Stream: Netflix

The master of fluid one-take shots, Alfonso Cuaron, applies his large-scale blockbuster vision to a small, intimate story about a housemaid named Cleo and her intersecting life with the upper-middle class family she cares for. Shot in gorgeous black and white photography, Roma is quite possibly one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Let yourself sink into Cuaron’s incredible atmosphere with some delicious corn cake sandwiches from Que Viva! Street Grill.

Forsyth Seafood Market

Available for Curbside Pickup


Film: Blow The Man Down


Where to Stream: Amazon Prime


The feature debut from directors Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy is a modern-day Fargo. After trying to cover up a freak accident, two sisters in a small town suddenly find out that there’s a lot more going on underneath their hometown’s sleepy surface. The coastal Maine setting will have you craving seafood by the first minute.



Mellow Mushroom

Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: Long Day’s Journey Into Night


Where To Stream: The Criterion Channel


Bi Gan’s sophomore feature Long Day’s Journey Into Night is a hallucinatory neo-noir spectacle and a jaw-dropping visual achievement. A man’s quest to find a woman from his past brings him to his childhood home where he falls asleep in an old movie theater and falls into a deep dream, taking the audience with him through a gravity-defying hour-long single shot. Why not enjoy a Kosmic Karma pizza while embarking on this visual trip?



Burke Street Pizza

Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: She’s Gotta Have It


Where To Stream: Netflix


Nola Darling is a young woman navigating her way through life and love in 1980s New York City in Spike Lee’s funny and emotional debut feature film. Complete the experience with a slice of authentic New York pizza from Burke Street Pizza.




The Porch: Kitchen and Cantina

Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: Tigers Are Not Afraid


Where to Stream: Shudder


Issa Lopez’s melancholic feature debut is a dark, beautiful fairy tale set in the modern-day streets of Mexico as a group of children navigate the real-life dangers of a drug cartel that has overtaken their town and the supernatural dangers of a ghost that follows them through the labyrinthine streets. The Porch’s authentic Tex-Mex is the perfect addition to make this viewing experience complete.



Mission Pizza

Available for Takeout


Film: Cry-Baby


Where To Stream: STARZ


John Waters’ tale of a lovelorn bad boy with a heart of gold is a deliriously campy and fun experience from start to finish. Mission Pizza has the perfect companion for your viewing with a pizza sharing the same name as this gonzo comedy starring Johnny Depp and Amy Locane




Thai Harmony

Available for Delivery and Takeout


Film: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


Where To Stream: Fandor


A dying man spending his days with the ghost of his wife and his forest spirit son in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Palm D’or winning surreal slow-burn fantasy. The emotional ride goes perfectly with Thai Harmony’s delicious menu.