Candid Yams Kickbacks presents Crooklyn – July 26

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Thursday, July 26


VIP Social Hour + Soul Food – $25 – 6pm

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General Admission – $15 – 7pm

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Films. Music. Food. You know the drill. Your favorite kickback series is at it again… and we’ve got some new friends! Join Candid Yams Kickbacks and a/perture cinema for Candid Yams VIII : Crooklyn.

Spike Lee and his siblings Cinque Lee and Joie Lee co-wrote this nostalgic but unglamorized look at a family growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970s, inspired by their own childhood. Woody Carmichael (Delroy Lindo) is a jazz musician whose career is in a slump; he once made a good living as a session musician, but he has moved away from it to devote himself to more serious music, a choice that has not worked out well from a financial standpoint. His wife Carolyn (Alfre Woodard) works as a school teacher to keep food on the table. The Carmichaels have five children, a bright and introspective daughter named Troy (Zelda Harris) and four sons with a habit of causing trouble, and they all share an apartment in a brownstone in Brooklyn. Crooklyn follows the Carmichaels as the kids learn the funny and painful lessons of growing up, Mom and Dad balance their love for each other against the financial and personal difficulties of the creative life, and they all try to get along with the often eccentric neighbors on their block. Crooklyn’s soundtrack is enlivened by classic 70s R&B hits, including selections by Sly and the Family Stone, The Jackson Five, Curtis Mayfield, The Staple Singers, and The Chambers Brothers.

We’ll break down Crooklyn to discuss the intricacies of intimate relationships and how our own expectations can sometimes get in the way of happiness. Get ready to kick back and join the conversation.