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Blog Post – Authoring Action

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About This Project

a/bout authoring action

Authoring Action is an organization that provides tools to youth for their personal success in any career, calling and life path. Our students are authors of their own lives once they have learned to think analytically, present confidently and express themselves dynamically through creative writing, speech, film and design.


What if…?

What if a poem can become an architectural design? What if an essay can become a start-up business? What if a monologue could become a graduate degree? What if visual design could make you the next senator?  What if a phrase could become a future? 




about the e/vent

“They had to write five pieces so that we could pick one, we’re talking about twelve weeks… [for one of the students] this film was her coming out, we had them write five pieces and we said if you pick this one we have to talk to your family and all that…”



Filmmaker [collaborating artist]: One other question that I have for all of the filmmakers is do you have anything to say about your film, I assume you hadn’t seen the final cut before today?

Student: I would like to say it turned out better than I expected.

Audience: [laughter]

Student: I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, but I think that it looks really cute.

Student: I honestly didn’t know that my movie would look like that and I loved everything about it.

Instructor: He [previous student] also shot all of his own footage.

Student: I thought that is was going to be bad, but it was really good.

Student: I felt like it was going to be like the worst thing I’d ever done, but it wasn’t.



After the screening of the student films and their discussions they were awarded with their earned stipend for the hours they showed up and the hours they put into their films and were given a certificate with collaborating artists on it.