Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | membership faqs
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membership faqs


Q: Why should I become a member?
A: There are a number of benefits of  membership that go along with discounted or free admission. Some of the perks at all levels include discounts on merchandise, free popcorn on Mondays, discounts to our neighbor businesses, and invitations to exclusive member events like our wine receptions. And, by being a member you help to support our programming efforts including first run films, special events and series.

Q: Do I get in for free?
A: Some members have free admission or discounted tickets to certain events. This is on a film-by-film and membership level basis.

Q: Does my membership have benefits outside of a/perture?

A: Yes! In addition to receiving discounts at our neighborhood partners,  our members enjoy discounts from art house theaters across North America through the Art House Visiting Members Program. Participating theaters will offer their minimum discounts for members from other theaters (please note: these discounts may be different from what we offer at a/perture). A valid membership card required. See all participating theaters.

Q: How long will it take before I receive my membership card?
A: Give our office a week to process your request before the card is sent. If you do not receive your card in the mail within two weeks please let us know by emailing alex@aperturecinema.com

Q: How long is a membership and does it automatically renew?
A: A year. It does not automatically renew but you will receive a reminder email when it is about to expire and which time you can easily renew online or by mail.

Q: How will I be recognized as a member?
A: Our members receive first news via a “Membership Monday” newsletter and are recognized at private events. They are not recognized at this time on-screen, however, like donors.

Q: What’s the difference in being a donor and a member?
A: Both are essential! Our donors are those who give primarily during our fall annual fund campaign. These donations, because the donor isn’t receiving any goods in return are 100% tax deductible. These donations go to support our annual operating costs.

Q: Is membership tax-deductible?
A: Some are 100% tax deductible and some are partially. It depends on the membership level. You will have to talk to your tax advisor about how and what you can deduct.

Q: I’m a donor does that mean I’m a member, too?
A: No. There are differences (see above), but we encourage you to be both!

Q: How can I sign up?
A: One of three ways: 1) online by clicking here, 2) by completing a brochure and mailing it in, or 3) returning it, along with payment, to a member of the a/perture staff.

Q: What happens if I forget my card when I come?
A: No worries. We can still look you up on our system. If you lose your card, please email alex@aperturecinema.com immediately to receive a replacement card.