Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | L@AC After Dark – Tales of Europe
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L@AC After Dark – Tales of Europe

L@AC: After Dark – Tales of Europe from a/perture cinema on Vimeo.


Looking at Art Cinema presents Tales of Europe


Tales of Europe is a program co-organized by Europa Cinemas and Europa International and funded by Creative Europe Media. Tuesday films start at 6:30pm and Saturday at 1pm
Tuesday includes a glass of wine from Raffaldini & matinee pricing for the Saturday encore! Click on showtime to purchase tickets.
Looking @ Art Cinema 2019 has been generously underwritten by an anonymous donor in honor of Bobby Stone.
featuring post-film discussion led by UNCSA’s Allen Smith



R. Allen Smith is a history instructor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts within the High School Academic Program and is the current director of UNCSA’s High School Student Government.

He is a North Carolina certified educator with a master’s level licensure and is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership and Higher Education at Appalachian State University.  Mr. Smith has training and experience as a tour leader (EF Tours) and tour guide (Envision) for both middle and high school students traveling within the United States and abroad since 2006.

Mr. Smith continues to develop skills as an educator an historian through professional development work with the American History Association (AHA), the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), and most recently the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE).


A Polar Year [2018, France, Denmark]

Director: Samuel Collardey

Tues 6/18 and Sat 6/23

As both the director and the DP, Samuel Collardey takes us into a Danish teacher’s first year in Tiniteqiilaq, a tiny fishing village in Greenland. Danish Anders Hvidegaard struggles to fit in until he begins to bond with a young Tunumiit boy, Asser, and slowly immerses himself into the indigenous culture and its daily rhythms. With breathtaking cinematography and mostly vérité scenes, A Polar Year is a standout documentary that playfully, and smartly, blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction filmmaking.

94 mins

Mug [2018, Poland]

Director: Malgorzata 

Tues 6/25 and Sat 6/29

With a Particularly memorable opening scene, the Berlin Jury Grand Prix winner, Mug, tosses the audience into a world where people must strip to their underwear for a bargain TV and the world’s largest statue of Jesus is being built (see: Christ the King in western Poland). Darkly comedic, the film follows Jacek, a metalhead and outsider to his own family, who suffers an accident early on and undergoes the country’s first face transplant. Even as his outlook remains bright, his family, his community, and his priest begin to reveal how they really feel about his new identity.

91 mins

The Venerable W [2017, France, Switzerland]

Director: Barbet Schroeder

Tues 7/2 and Sat 7/6

A NYTimes Critics Pick, the third in his trilogy of Evil, Barbet Schroeder has made yet another compelling documentary that demands to be seen. The Venerable W. is a powerful portrait about the Burmese Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu, and his anti-Muslim fanaticism, leading his followers to harass, beat and even kill Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. As the documentary moves through Myanmar’s history, we see Rohingya persecution isn’t the audience that evil isn’t new, the face just keeps changing.

100 mins

I Still Hide to Smoke [2017, France, Greece]

Director: Rayhana

Tues 7/9 and Sat 7/13

The debut feature from Franco-Algerian director and playwright Rayhana is an absolutely stunning film. Fatima (Hiam Abbass of HBO’s Succession) is the owner and head masseuse of an Algerian hammam (bathhouse). She works to keep everything running (the power goes out) to the painful circumstances of a young woman’s pregnancy, these women, an outstanding ensemble cast, bury and reveal themselves to one another, bound together by their histories, as they navigate one afternoon in the hammam.

90 mins