Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | How we get filmmakers to you.
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How we get filmmakers to you.

How we get filmmakers to you.

The Southern Circuit of Independent Filmmakers is one of the best things we do at a/perture. It’s a series that tours indie filmmakers across the South to screenings of their films at different venues. It gives an opportunity for audiences to not only connect with good films, but also the people that made them. a/perture shares a touring route with about four other cinemas, colleges, and arts organizations that exhibit fantastic cinema for their communities. Lawren—our Executive Director—and I scooted down to Atlanta to participate in the process selecting what films would come to our screens.

It isn’t as easy as “Oh, I want that one.” The process works almost like an NFL draft. Different groups of venues are separated from each other and ranked in the order they’ll be selecting films by way of a roll of dice. Whoever receives the highest value goes first and so on. Each of us have discussed (extensively) which films we’d like to get and which aren’t as attractive. This can be challenging when each of us have different audiences and communities to consider. A film that we think might do great here at a/perture might seem ludicrous to someone with a completely different demographic of folks attending their screens.

We eventually landed on some incredible films—the most exciting of which is Gay Chorus, Deep South, which you can see at a/perture on September 15th @ 3 PM, with Director David Charles Rodrigues. The film documents the story of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, entirely comprised of queer men, many of whom fled the intolerant South, only to return with their touring choir to encourage a message of acceptance and love  Please join us!

Learn more about our Southern Circuit Films.

Gray Gordon, Education & Special Programming Coordinator.