Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | Dialogues
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dialogues is a series that meets the audience where it’s at—literally. a/perture invites guests from the community to sit in on a new release film with an audience and answer 5 questions in their seat we’ve prepared for them. Anyone can participate every other Wednesday.

next up…
Saint Frances

Saint Frances

8:30 PM on Wednesday, March 11th.

Here’s why:

As an art house cinema, it’s important to cultivate a consistent relationship with the people coming to see our films. This is why art house cinemas are unique cultural spaces in any community. We provide the opposite of a transactional, pay-watch-leave movie-going experience. It’s about conversations and understanding movies in new ways—and that means thoughtful discussion. And while it’s important to bring in the voices of community leaders, it’s just as important that we include anyone who walks into our cinema in that conversation. So, with dialogues happening every other Wednesday evening—first round of shows depending on the film—we’ll be asking our audience five questions about the film and their experience with it. We’ll invite members of the community to attend as well so that if you’re there, you’ll here from someone you may not have talked to on an ordinary night out at the movies. Whether it’s a packed house or a slower night, the goal here is to get to know our audience better every other Wednesday. The five questions are as follows:
  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Is the film effective in conveying its point?
  3. Is this film culturally valuable?
  4. How does this film persuade viewers to empathize with its characters?
  5. Based on your experiences, what would you encourage audiences to walk away with after seeing this film?
We’re excited to build relationships with our movie-goers and to bridge connections. That’s what an independent cinema does for its film-loving community.
See you on a Wednesday.
a/ staff Gray Gordon