Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | As our closure continues…
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As our closure continues…

Dear a/perture cinema patrons,

We miss you. Still. Yes, it’s been several months since we last shared a movie together. As an organization that thrives on shared experiences, we can’t wait to welcome you back when the time is right.
So, where are we now? In brief:
  • a/perture cinema remains closed indefinitely since March 13, until public health conditions improve.
  • We are offering virtual screening opportunitiescurated streaming recommendations, and other opportunities to stay connected. Keep up with weekly updates by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • We’ve launched public art initiatives and had some fun on social media with trivia and other staff projects. Be sure to keep up with us on FacebookInstagram.
  • Our revenue has been impacted by $150,000 since closure, and that number grows every day we are closed. We are currently navigating an uncertain release schedule for many anticipated summer films
  • We’re grateful for your support. You can help us by making a donation here.

In conjunction with local and state guidelines, in collaboration with other art house cinemas across the country, and with feedback we’re currently gathering from our members, we are developing our plan for reopening plan in anticipation of the time when we are able to welcome you all back to the cinema. At this time, we are still unsure when that will be.


These are difficult times for us, as well as our neighbors in the arts, entertainment, retail, and restaurant industries. We appreciate the shared community of the Chamber of Commerce, NC Arts, the Art House Convergence, and many others.


Moving forward, we will continue to focus on the long-term health of this organization, and you can help us do that.


Your financial and emotional support, in addition to the carefully considered planning and preparations we are engaged in now, ensure that we will return with the strength to pursue our mission of enriching our community through film that challenges, inspires, educates and entertains for years to come.


By making a contribution, no matter the amount, you will not only help to alleviate the lack of operational revenue during our closure but also ensure that we will be able to re-open with minimal disruption as soon as it is safe for us all to gather and celebrate the art of film, together.


As the City of Arts & Innovation, Winston-Salem is a resilient community. And we will need both art and innovation to get us through this unprecedented time. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and patience as we work to sustain our mission from a distance, for now. We look forward to seeing you at the movies again soon.


Until then, be healthy and safe.

Thank you to these organizations for their financial support