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Read and download our annual reports to learn more about the support we receive from sponsors and donors, along with fun facts, including our most popular films and pounds of popcorn popped!
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Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

In 2019, we expanded our education program, brought in lots of filmmakers and cool community collaborations, and launched street side cinema! Check out our annual report for some of last year’s highlights, including our most popular films, donor & sponsor acknowledgment, and more!

Cover image of aperture cinema 2018 annual report

Annual Report 2018

We are excited to present our first annual report! Inside you’ll find many fun updates from the previous year, including our most popular films and (of course) how many pounds of popcorn we’ve popped, along with our sponsors, donors, and much more. Enjoy!

cover of case for support

A Case for Support

Learn more about our mission to engage and entertain the community through showcasing thought-provoking and inspiring films, as well as how you can support us in our youth education initiatives, our membership program, community engagement, and more.