Aperture Cinema - Winston Salem, NC | accessibility
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a/perture is proud to provide access to all of our patrons, including those who have special requirements. We have restrooms located on the first floor of our building, and have handicapped access via our elevator available for those viewing films in s/tudio 3 and petit a/.

Additionally, through the generous gift provided by Carolina Hearing Doctors, we provide closed captioning service to our hearing impaired customers via the Doremi Captiview system in studios 1 and 2!
Click here to view Captiview’s User Instructions.



When films are equipped with closed captioning, we offer closed captioning devices for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing: small easy-to-read LED screens that fit in a seat’s cup holder.

When films are equipped with opening captioning, we offer to caption on-screen (subtitles). Multiple open caption showtimes will be available weekly for specified films.

Assistive listening headphones are available for specific films, and amplify audio for patrons who are hard of hearing. Headphones are self-contained and have the independent right/left audio control.

When films are equipped with audio description, headphones are available for patrons with visual impairment.


*Please note that not all films are equipped with accessibility. Films with descriptive audio include any of these icons on our website.